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Sustainable Design Researcher, Engineer Designer, Scuba Diver, Radio Broadcaster, DJ and IMC(images moment catcher)

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World Panda On-line Radio – “WOPOR” by DJ Deep Panda @ World Panda Lounge

EN-Definitively and for unanimity by all who visit the WorldPanda, the prominence of Minus 8, was something that became the Soul of this webspace, thus the sound of Minus 8 remains to twirl in WOPOR, one of the few producers, … Continue reading

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Nature’s Versatility – 1 year seen in 40 seconds / PT-Versatilidade da Natureza – 1 ano visto em 40 segundos

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo. EN- Video with duration of 40 seconds, hundreds of photos taken off daily in a landscape during one year. The sound is equally proceeding from the same landscape what it … Continue reading

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Projecto Inovador para o ensino experimental das Ciências Naturais num âmbito sem formalidades e integrado numa Expedição Científica da U.A.

Um Projecto Multidisciplinar para o Ensino Experimental das Ciências Naturais em Contexto Não Formal, apresentado e coordenado pela minha amiga e Bióloga Fátima Lopes, a leccionar a disciplina de Ciências Naturais na E.B. I. de Colmeias – Leiria, que contou … Continue reading

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Télépopmusik- Breathe – Video – “Respira”

Telepopmusik – Breathe (Video) EN- As the lyrics says… the same is applied to the video… to breathe, to watch and relax. PT-Como diz a letra da música… o mesmo se aplica ao video…para respirar,ver e relaxar.

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How to take out the mask underwater and other exercices – Como tirar a mascara debaixo de água e outros exercicios

EN-A simple exercise but it shows so difficult to those who initiates this activity, you only need to remember that what you need is in your mouth, that is air …and you just have to breathe, nothing more. You may … Continue reading

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A Panda’s Birth – O Nascimento de um Panda

EN-The Birth of A Panda : these pictures shouldn’t be out from here , the images sequence are: 1 days – 2 days – 3 days – 7 days – 25 days – 30 days – 35 days – 40 … Continue reading

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